About NEAT OLD BOOKS: This site is an homage to the kind of books whose obscurity is undeserved. They rest comfortably on the back shelves of antiquarian and used-book shops, modest and unassuming. There, in the usually dim glow of possibilities, you open the first page, read the first sentence, shut the volume, and immediately pay whatever it costs to take it home because you can tell that this is going to be a fun read. Sometimes they’re humorous, sometimes informative, sometimes fascinating, and sometimes simply a glimpse into a vanished time. Whatever their tone, they’re too pleasurable to relegate to oblivion. On this site, Linda is putting some of these neat old books back into circulation, in the hope that fellow readers will find as much pleasure in them as she has and, further, that they’ll visit their local antiquarian or used-book store and look for works that can be to them what those books featured here are to her.

About LINDA HEWITT: Linda Hewitt, a native of Alabama, attended Birmingham-Southern College, the University of Alabama, and Georgia State University. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in History. She began writing when she was three – her first work was a notebook of observations about her grandparents’ home. She edited various school papers, and wrote her graduate thesis on the political and economic implications of German Reparations stipulated in treaties following the First World War. With her husband Robert, she was partner in a public relations boutique in Atlanta serving major corporations. There, she wrote many kinds of materials and received multiple awards from various professional associations. Her five books deal with a wide range of topics, mostly cultural and economic. Several were book club selections and are used as supplemental reading in undergraduate cultural history courses. She is currently working on a book about the skillsets and attitudes necessary for success in the job market of tomorrow. She consults on communications strategy.

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