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There have probably been a greater number of interesting books published about books and their making than any other single collecting topic. Multi-volume bibliographies have been published that attempt to list them. That is not my goal in this list, which is more idiosyncratic than comprehensive. I’m simply offering a list that I think is interesting. I’ll be glad to consider adding other titles related to the topic that you think would benefit booklovers.

Of the following list, all were originally written in English or have been translated into English. Some are in my own library; others, unfortunately, are not. Of the books that are not, I have typically relied on second-hand sources for information as to their dates and places of publication, as well as edition designation. Should you happen to possess one of these books and realize that this listing contains an inaccuracy, I would very much appreciate your advising me so that I may provide correct information to all interested in the topic. Also, as requested above, please share with us any titles that you think should be on this list and aren’t. Thanks!


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