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The following list is provided not as an endorsement of the bookshops listed, but as a convenience to others interested in used, rare, and antiquarian books. Linda has bought books from some of those listed and had satisfactory experiences, but knows others only through their web sites. If a visit is impossible, be very specific and exercise prudence when ordering via the Internet or over the phone.

The categories listed for each bookshop represent specialties. Booksellers sometimes acquire particular expertise in one or more categories and tend to stock more of those. This does not mean that they will not have books in other categories, simply that they are more likely to have a greater number of titles in their specialist categories.

If you love books, by the way, there is no more fun way to spend time than to click on the following links. Each of them offers fresh delights in their book listings, and some of the sites are visually grand, the booklovers’ equivalent of popping a “feelgood” pill. Link hopping also has the advantage of being cost-free until you click the “add to cart” button!Alcuin Books, Ltd.– Americana, classics, medieval, humanities, Western Americana, book arts, theology

Aleph-Bet Books, Inc. – Children’s books, illustrated books, fairy tales, Beatrix Potter, Arthur Rackham, Maurice Sendak, pop-ups and movables

Antic Hay Books – Autographs, literature, first editions, literary autographs

Antipodean Books, Maps & Prints – Voyages and trael, Australasia, Antarctica, anthropology, books, maps, prints, ephemera, photographs

Antiquarian Bookseller, John Windle – Bindings, early and fine printing, illustrated books, William Blake and his circle, illuminated manuscripts, private press books, T.F. Dibdin, Mary Wollstonecraft, children’s books

Antiquaries Manasek – Atlases and maps, manuscripts, cartography, science and technology, early printing

Aquarian Subjects: Neil Frank – Aquarium and aquatic biology literature from the library belonging to the late Jare Sausaman

Archaeologia – Archaeology of Egypt, Ancient Near East, Greece, Rome, Central America

Argonaut Book Shop – History, local history, travel, Western American history, American exploration, illustratedbooks, maps, prints

Argosy Book Store – Americana, art, autographs, first editions, modern first editions, maps, prints, medicine, science, out-of-print

Richard B. Arkway Inc. – Maps and atlases, travels and voyages, maritime

Ars Libri Ltd. – Art, architecture, archaeology, photography, modern illustrated books, rarities of the modern Avant-Garde

Artext – Antiquarian books on modern art and film, women artists, African-American art

Athena Rare Books – Philosophy, psychology, science, literature, history, alcoholism

Austin’s Antiquarian Books – General antiquarian, Americana, Theodore Roosevelt, Vermont, travel and exploration, natural history, fly fishing

Bert Babcock Bookseller, LLC – Modern firsts, literature (American, English), rare signed and inscribed books, poetry broadsides, press books

J.N. Bartfield – Rare books, first editions, exhibition bindings, color plate books, Americana, press books, literature

Bartleby’s Books – Americana, economics, law, literature, general antiquarian

Bauman Rare Books– Americana, literature, children’s books, history, science, economics, medicine, travel, natural history, Judaica, fine sets, autographs

Beasley Books – Literature, medicine, music, modern first editions, jazz/blues, psychiatry/pschoanalysis

Stuart Bennett Rare Books – English literature printed before 1850 (fiction, verse, satire, philosophy, criticism, literary controversies), English children’s books printed before 1850

F.A. Bernett Inc. – Art, archaeology, architecture, illustrated books, dance, theater

Between the Covers Rare Books, Inc. – Literary first editions, African-American literature and history, autographs, genre fiction

Biblioctopus – First editions of fiction classics

Bickerstaff’s Books, Maps &c. – Early Americana, North American and West Indian maps to 1850, New England

Bird Song Used Books – Used and out-of-print books

Black Oak Books – Art, photography, science, technology, classical and medieval studies, mathematics, scholarly books

Ray Boas, Bookseller – Quality non-fiction (American history, nautical, military, business history, antique reference, decorative arts)

Bolerium Books – American labor and radical history, Chicanos, Africa, gay literature, African-American, Spanish Civil War, Asian Americans, anarchism, Trotskyism, lesbian literature

Edward N. Bomsey Autographs, Inc. – Autographs, manuscripts, history, military, literature, music

The Book Bin, Inc. – Maritime, travel, Pacific Islands

The Book Block – Fine bindings, illustrated books, literature, Americana, Dance of Death, calligraphy, typography, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, private press books

The Book Broker – Virginia, general antiquarian

The Book Den – General antiquarian, history, scholarly, California, literature

BookBuyers– Used books and media

Bookfellows – Modern firsts, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, performing arts, children’s books, Americana (West)

The Bookpress, Ltd. – Architecture, applied and decorative art, book arts, books about books, Americana, gardens, horticulture

Books of Wonder – Children’s books, folklore and mythology, original illustrations, juvenile fantasy, fairy tales, Oz and Baumiana tales

The Bookseller, Inc. – U.S. military, aviation, aeronautics, lighter-than-air, Ohioana and Old Northwest, maps, atlases, postcards, Americana

The Bookstall – Children’s books, illustrated books, science, medicine, literature

Bookworm & Silverfish – Americana, Appalachia, Civil War, Confederacy, genealogy, law, nineteenth century (material culture, science, technology)

Boston Book Company – Japan, East Asia, wood-block print books, first editions, American and English literature, sets

Boston Book Company-Annex – Scholarly and used books

Marilyn Braiterman – Design and decorative arts, architecture, landscape, press books, fine printing, sixteenth-twentieth century illustrated books, performing arts, costume, fashion

David Brass Rare Books, Inc. – Literature (English, American, European), children’s books, color-plate books, illustrated books, early printed books, private press books, fine bindings, original artwork, manuscripts, High Spot modern first editions, rare books

Brattle Book Shop – General used and rare

Brick Row Book Shop – English and American literature, Americana, first editions, bibliography

Broder’s Rare and Used Books – Judaica

Bromer Booksellers, Inc. – Rare books, first editions, fine printing from Aldus to Ashendene, illustrated books, calligraphic manuscirpts, bindings, children’s books, miniature books, fore-edge paintings

Michael Brown Rare Books – Americana (books, pamphlets, broadsides, manuscripts and ephemera seventeenth-nineteenth centuries)

Browsers’ Bookstore – Used and out-of-print books

Buckingham Books – Mystery (mystery, detective, espionage, adventure), Western Americana (mostly first editions)

Buddenbrooks, Inc. – Incunabula and early printing, exploration, travel, autographs, manuscripts, illustrated books, literature, humanities, sciences, sets and bindings

By the Book, L.C. – Children’s, illustrated, literature, medicine, science, technology, art China / Japan / Korea, history of ideas, martial arts, golf

Andrew Cahan: Bookseller, Ltd. – Photography, photographic literature, art, general antiquarian

Caliban BookShop – Gastronomy, literature, philosophy, Western Pennsylvania, general scholarly

The Captain’s Bookshelf Inc. – First editions, literature, art, photography, Western North Carolina, architecture, gardening

Carpe Diem Fine Books – Western Americana, California history, Americana, travel, exploration, general antiquarian

Cartographic Arts, Inc. – Rare and antique maps, travel, maps and atlases

JoAnn & Richard Casten Ltd. – Fifteenth-eighteenth century maps (World, America, Holy Land), Asia, atlases, incunabula, travel

Chanticleer Books – Cookery, gastronomy, wine books, Jack London, illustrated books, general antiquarian

Children’s Book Gallery – Rare children’s books from 1750-1950

Childs Gallery Limited – Fine Old Master through early twentieth century prints and drawings, including illustration drawing

Taylor Clark, Inc. – Southern Americana, color plate books, natural history, paintings, prints

J.M. Cohen Rare Books – Decorative and applied arts, design, antique reference, costume, fashion, textiles, jewelry, trade

Colophon Book Shop – Literary first editions, literary bibliography, press books, books about books, history of printing, World War I aviation, military history

Columbia Books – Children’s books, illustrated books, Missouriana, Civil War, modern first editions, art

Gary Combs Autographs, Inc. – Autographs, Americana, music, literature, royalty

Commonwealth Books – Scholarly, used and out-of-print books (humanities and sciences), fine bindings, general antiquarian materials

James Cummins Bookseller Inc. – Sporting, color-plate books, private press, first editions, fine bindings, sets, English and American literature, illustration art, autographs, manuscripts

L.W. Currey Inc. – Nineteenth century American literature, modern first editions, fantasy, science fiction

D & D Galleries – Bindings, American and English literature, Lewis Carroll, association copies, Charles Dickens

William Dailey Rare Books Ltd – Early printing, literature, occult, art, illustrated books, science, medicine, bibliography, history of printing

Stephen Daiter Books – Photography

Dawson’s Book Shop – Photography, Californiana, Western Americana, native Americans

De Wolfe & Wood – History, local history, manuscripts, American communal groups, Shakers

Donald Magee, Fine and Rare Books – Americana, fine bindings, military history, Middle East

James M. Dourgarian, Bookman – Literature, John Steinbeck, Steinbeckiana, Wallace Stegner, Armed Services editions, Jack London

Dumont Maps & Books of the West – Western Americana

Estates of Mind – Scientific masterworks, literary highspots, important autographs, incunabula, alchemy, medieval

Fallen Angels Used Books – Used comic material

Barbara Farnsworth Bookseller – Horticulture, art, cooking, literature, decorated trade bindings

Joseph J. Felcone Inc. – Early Americana, English and American literature, travels, science, medicine, New Jerseyana, rare books in most fields fifteenth-twentieth century

Fenwick – Hard-to-find, out-of-print, used, and rare books

First Folio – Illustrated books, books about books, bindings, bibliography, rare books, general antiquarian

Four Rivers Books, Ltd. – Fine press books, illustrated books, artists’ books, Limited Editions Club, books about books

Leonard Fox Ltd. – Twentieth century illustrated books and lives of artists (also watercolors, prints and other original works of art), fashion, costume

Rodger Friedman Rare Book Studio – Classical tradition, Renaissance, humanism, Egyptology, Italian and continental books, Americana, Canadiana

Frogtown Books Inc. – General stock, illustrated and color-plate books

Gadshill – Charles Dickens, American literature, English literature, science (medicine and astronomy), Americana, American humor

Gallagher Books – Western Americana, children, illustrated, fine bindings, military, art, railroads, Americana, history, special collections, original World War I and II posters

Gardner’s Used Books, Inc. – Used and out-of-print books

Robert Gavora, Fine and Rare Books – Transportation, railroad history, science fiction, Western Americana, supernatural fiction, U.S. Civil War, fantasy, horror

Gemini Fine Books & Arts, Ltd. – Art reference books, illustrated books, lives of artists, original graphics, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Symbolism, Surrealism, Dada, German Expressionism, Russian Avant-Garde, literary first editions

Gently Used Books – Used books

Michael Ginsberg Books, Inc. – Americana, history, travel

Kurt Gippert Bookseller – Americana, Western Americana, North American Indians, natural history, epeditions, voyages and travel, color-plate books, architecture, decorative arts, design, rare-collectible-out-of-print and unusual books, autographs, manuscripts, pre-1850 maps of America, historic ephemera

Glenn Books – History, illustrated books, children’s books, American and English literature, natural history, bindings, private press

Glover’s Bookery, LLC – General stock, Americana, Kentuckiana, horses, caves, sporting books

Golden Legend, Inc. – Rare books on dance, theatre, costume (including color-plate and prints), antiquarian books, fine prints, English literature

Charles A. Goldsmid, Bookseller – Scholarly books, Western Americana, social science, literature, general antiquarian

Thomas A. Goldwasser Rare Books – Literature, modern illustrated books, twentieth century, lives of artists, modern first editions, manuscripts and letters (literary)

Green Apple Books and Music – Used and new books, CDs and DVDs

Gregor Rare Books – Expatriate Paris, twentieth century poetry and fiction, Charles Bukowski, Vietnam War

Rick Grunder-Books – Mormonism, local history

Hackenberg Booksellers – Scholarly books, classics and Medieval, philosophy, history of science, art (all), antiquarian

Douglas N. Harding – Antarctica and Arctica, Americana, illustrated books, maps, atlases and cartography

Harper’s Books – Photography, modern literature, art, architecture, design

Donald A. Heald Rare Books – Color-plate and illustrated books, botany, ornithology, natural history, atlases and cartography, Americana, voyages and travels, historical, decorative and sporting prints

Heldfond Book Gallery, Ltd. – Fine illustrated books, fine bindings and sets, Art Deco, historical military aviation, literary first editions, general antiquarian

Joshua Heller Rare Books Inc. – Private press, modern illustrated books, printing history, bibliography, fine bindings, artists’ books

Hermitage Book Shop – Art, first editions, travels and voyages, Western Americana, private press, children’s books

High Ridge Books, Inc. – Eighteenth and nineteenth century American maps and atlases, Americana, color-plate books, New York City

Jonathan A. Hill, Bookseller, Inc. – Science and technology, natural history, bibliography, medicine

Hinck & Wall – Garden history, landscape architecture, architecture, town and city planning, early horticulture, rare books – town and city planning

Historicana – Judaica, Hebraica, Americana, history, Arthur Szyk, signed books

Hoffman Books – Photography, Ohioana, Thurber, travel, geology, Americana

J.D. Homes – Religions, Japan, alchemy, occult, metaphysical, Zen, theology, Buddhism, Islam, myth, folklore, Orientalia, history of science

David J. Homes Autographs – Literary autographs, archives and manuscripts, first editions, presentation copies, association books

J. Hood, Booksellers, Inc. – Philosophy, psychology, Medieval and Renaissance studies, art history, science, scholarly books

Imperial Fine Books – Leatherbound sets, Cosways, jewelled bindings, fore-edge paintings, children’s illustrated, Americana, sporting, color-plate, first editions, antiquarian and rare books

James S. Jaffe Rare Books – Literary first editions, poetry, private press books, literary archives, manuscripts, modern illustrated books

Johanson Rare Books – Literature, travel, voyages and exploration, illustrated books, H.L. Mencken

The John Bale Book Co. – Fine bindings, eighteenth-nineteenth century Americana, regional histories and ephemera

Johnnycake Books Inc. – Architecture, art (applied and decorative), literature, gardens, horticulture, art (modern)

Joslin Hall Rare Books – Antique reference, antiques and collecting, architecture, art (American), art (applied and decorative), forgery, technology

Priscilla Juvelis, Inc. – Women, lives of artists, fine bindings, illustrated books, literary, first editions (especially women authors), feminism rare books, book arts, feminism, fine and private press

Kaaterskill Books – Americana, general antiquarian, scholarly

Seth Kaller, Inc. – American history from rare historical documents from the Revolutionary and Founding Periods to the Civil War and WWII, especially items with important content

Howard Karno Books, Inc. – Latin America, Mexico, Caribbean, South America with emphasis on: archaeology, art, illustrated books, artists’ books, architecture, photography, history, linguistics, original manuscripts and documents, travel and voyages, discovery and conquest, religion, Basques, Spanish Civil War, military reference, music, dance, cinema, Afro-Latin Americana, mining cookbooks/gastronomy, political posters/graphic art, Taller de Grafica Popular, Jose Guadalupe Pasada, first edition literature

Kelmscott Bookshop – General antiquarian, books on books, private press, William Morris, Pre-Raphaelites

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller – Judaica, Hebraica, German language, history and culture, art, architecture, photography, sport, Olympic Games, Middle East, travel and Baedeker guides

John K. King – Used and rare books

John W. Knott, Jr., Bookseller – Science fiction, fantasy, supernatural, mystery and detective fiction, adventure fiction

Kubik Fine Books Ltd – Military history, historical fiction, Catholic history and theology, Napoleon

Kuenzig Books – Antiquarian, science and technology, ephemera, modern firsts, manuscripts

La Scala Autographs, Inc. – Opera, music, theatre, cinema, autogrpaphs, antiquarian music

Lakin & Marley Rare Books – English and American first editions, literary manuscripts, books into film, related artwork

Lame Duck Books – American and European literary first editions, Latin American literature, philosophy, intellectual history, autographs, manuscripts, illustrated books, art, archives

John Michael Lang Fine Books – Art, books about books, general out-of-print, leather bindings, Pacific Northwest and Western Americana, performing arts, rare books

James & Mary Laurie Booksellers – English and American literature and criticism, fine printing and private press books, history of books and printing

The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. – Law and legal history, international law, Admiralty and maritime law, trials, American constitutional law and history, early reports and codes, criminology, early printed law books

Barbara Leibowits Graphics Ltd. – Children’s books, illustrated books, modern illustrated books, prints and posters, photographs and drawings, Belle Epoque, Art Deco, Surrealism, Russian Avant-Garde, lives of artists

David M. Lesser Fine Antiquarian Books LLC – Americana, Colonial, Revolutionary, Early Federal, Presidency, political and social issues, slavery, Civil War, Afro-Americana, Reconstruction, economics, banking, trade, law, early and unusual American imprints

Barry R. Levin Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature – Science fiction, fantasy and horror, rare, first editions, manuscripts, original art, autographs, literature

Libros Latinos – Art, bibliography, travel, Latin America, Mexico, literature

Locus Solus Rare Books, Ltd. – Rare books, literary first editions, art and illustrated, poetry, continental literature, signed and inscribed, fine printing, rare periodicals

Lombard Antiquarian Maps & Prints – Architectural engravings, botanical engravings and prints, fore-edge painted books, historical engravings, miniature books, Napoleon I, natural history prints, naval and U.S. Coast Survey charts, rare maps of all world areas

Ken Lopez-Bookseller – Modern first editions, Vietnam War, fiction and poetry by American Indians, Black literature, Latin American literature, Beat and the Sixties

Lowry-James Rare Prints & Books – Rare prints and books from the Age of Discovery c. 1500-1800, Americana, art (prints and drawings, botanical engravings and prints), botany, cartography, color-plate books, horticulture, literary women, natural history, natural history prints, ornithology, travel and exploration

J. & J. Lubrano Music Antiquarians LLC – Musical autographs and manuscripts, rare books on music and dance, first and early editions of printed music, music- and dance-related iconography

Stuart Lutz Historic Documents, Inc. – Household famous autographs (Presidents, Civil War, Declaration Signers, writers, scientists, entertainers, Judaica, aviators, explorers, judges, royalty, African-American) and great content letters

Lux Mentis, Booksellers – Esoterica, fine first editions, heirloom quality books and unique items

M & S Rare Books – American history, science, philosophy, economics, iterature, Judaica, Black history, manuscripts, broadsides, medicine

McDonnell Rare Books – American and English literary first editions, bibliography, manuscripts, Mark Twain, Henry D. Thoreau

George S. MacManus Company – Seventeenth-nineteenth century Americana, local history, nineteenth and twentieth century literary first editions, travel, bibliography

Manning’s Books & Prints – Maps and atlases, California history, Americana West, Ephemera, natural history prints, travel, voyages, exploration

Margolis & Moss – Western Americana, illustrated books, photography, prints, atlases and maps, children’s books

Marninart, Inc. – Rare illustrated art books (Chagall, Picasso, Matisse and Impressionists)

Jeff Maser-Bookseller – Poetry, little magazines, contemporary literature, broadsides, Canadian literature, press books, signed books

William & Nina Matheson Books, Inc. – Books about books, bibliography, literary private press books, poetry, modern firsts, Asian-American literature, history, mythology

McBlain Books – African Americana, Africa, Asia, Middle East, China, India, general antiquities

Laurence McGilvery – Art, art periodicals, art reference, exhibition catalogues

McGowan Book Company – Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War (books, autographs, photographs, and objects of the period), general Americana

McKay Used Books & CDs – Used books of all types

Bruce McKittrick Rare Books – Incunabula, early printed books, Renaissance, illustrated books, continental books

Paul Melzer – General antiquarian, art, autographs and signed books, literature, history, ephemera, Americana and the West

Meyer Boswell Books Inc. – Scholarly law, legal history, Constitutional history, criminal law and trials, international law, women, early printing

Midway Used and Rare Books – Art, illustrated books, children’s books, books about books, history, science fiction, fantasy, general out-of-print books

Willis Monie Books – History, literature, baseball, bibliography, theology

Mosher Books – English literature, early illustrated books, bindings, early printing, private press, Mosher Press, antiquarian (general)

Myopic Books – Over 80,000 used books

Mystery Pier Books, Inc. – Modern first editions, signed and inscribed, American and British literature, antiquarian, mystery and detective fiction, true crime, books into film, uniquities, cinema rarities

Jeremy Norman & Co., Inc. – Science and technology, medicine, natural history, autographs

Oak Knoll Books – Publisher and distributor of books and also rere and out-of-print bookseller in fields of bibliography, book collecting, book arts, books about children’s books, book history, bookplates, book trade, forgery, censorship, libraries, publishing, bookbinding, book design, book illustration and graphic arts, marbling, color printing, printing and printing history, papermaking and paper specimens, typography and typeface specimens, private press books and fine printing

The Observatory – Atlases and maps, local history, travel, Alaska, Siberia

Old Editions Book Shop – Reliures, livres illustres modernes, autographes, photographie, modern illustrated books, photography, prints and drawings, old and rare

Old Imprints – Historical graphic materials in all forms (books, magazines, ephemera, maps and prints), pictorial maps and separately issued maps a speciality

The Old London Bookshop – Modern firsts, anthropology, Orientalia, Western Americana, British Isles

The Old Print Gallery Inc. – Atlases and maps, natural history, prints and drawings, marine, sporting art, architecture

The Old Print Shop – Antique maps, eighteenth and nineteenth century American prints, twentieth century fine art prints, art reference books, Currier & Ives lithographs

Oldbooks – Science and technology, natural history, anthropology, medicine, periodicals, first editions, general antiquarian

Reed Orenstein Rare Books – Modern firsts, children’s, works of Maurice Sendak, art and illustrated, science fiction and fantasy

Page Books – Children’s books, illustrated books

Pageant Print Shop-Old Prints, Old Maps – Literature, fiction, Americana, art, pamphlets, old prints and maps

Palinurus Antiquarian Books – Early printing, medicine, science and technology, mathematics, engineering, Americana, economics, English and Continental books

A. Parker’s Books, Inc. – General antiquarian, leather bindings, natural history, colour plates, literature, golf, cookbooks, Americana, travel and voyages, illustrated books, art, antiques and collectibles

Charles Parkhurst Rare Books, Inc. – Literature, Americana, first editions

Parmer Books – Maritime, travel, Arctic and Antarctic, Americana, Alaska, modern firsts, history, exploration and discovery

James Pepper Rare Books, Inc. – Literature, performing arts, autographs, manuscripts, rare cinema material, literary first editions

The Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts Company (PRB&M) – Early books of Europe and the Americas, other rarities as chance may supply

Elizabeth Phillips – Modern illustrated books, lives of artists, Surrealism, fine bindings, Russian Avant-Garde, photography

William & Lois M. Pinkney – Limited Editions Club, fine bindings and sets, Western Americana, illustrated books, first editions, travel, natural history, genealogy

Phillip J. Pirages Fine Books & Manuscripts – Early printing, fine illustrated books, English and American literature, illuminated manuscripts, press books, rare books

Plaza Books – Mexico, Latin America, Spanish Southwest

Edward T. Pollack – Illustrated books, children’s books, books about art, artists and photography, prints and drawings by nineteenth and twentieth century American and European artists

Powell’s Bookstore – History, local history, philosophy, art, Americana

Productive Arts – Russian and Soviet posters, graphics, books, publications and ephemera primarily from the 1920s and 1930s

Quaker Hill Books – Civil War, fine bindings, autographs, Americana, modern first editions, literature

Quill & Brush – First editions, American and English literature, signed and inscribed books, author price guides, bibliography

Antonio Raimo Galleries, Ltd – Fore-edge paintings, leather-bound sets, bindings, color-plate, natural history, magic, experimental science, illustrated books, antique prints

Richard C. Ramer – Luso-Brasiliana, Spain and Latin America, Early Americana, early printing, nautical science, voyages and travel

Randall House – Americana, literature, travel, illustrated books, autographs, photography

Rare Oriental Book Co. – Asian art reference, Asian photography, Asians in America, Asian travel and voyages, Japan, China, Tibet, Korea, Himalayas, Mongolia, Central Asia, Burma, Indo-Chine, Macau, French-Indo China (Vietnam pre-1940), Annam, Tonking, Siam, Cambodie, Laos, Malaya, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Formosa (Taiwan), Manchuria, New Guinea

Jim Reed Books. – Rare and old books, magazines,newspapers, movie posters

William Reese Company – Atlases and maps, Americana of all periods and areas, literature (English, American and Continental), natural history, travel, voyages

Jo Ann Reisler Ltd. – Childen’s books, illustrated books, original illustrative art, early paper dolls and toys, Oz and Baumania, fairy tales, pop-ups and novelties, Potter, Disney, Seuss, N.C. Wyeth, Rackham, Black interest

Kenneth W. Rendell Gallery, Inc. – Autographs, letters, manuscripts

Revere Books – Modern first editions, American and British fiction and poetry, signed books

George Ritzlin Maps & Books – Sixteenth to nineteenth century maps and atlases, cartographic reference, natural history prints, fashion and costume

Riverow Bookshop, Inc. – Architecture, Americana, New York State, trade catalogues, general stock

B&L Rootenberg~Fine and Rare Books – Americana, astronomy, astrology, botany and herbals, earth sciences, East Asian sciences, electricity and magnetism, evolution and genetics, illustrated books and photography, incunabula, Lincoln and Civil War, literature, mathematics, medicine, Nobel, ornithology, physics, mechanics and optics, printing and the mind of man, technology and engineering, travel and exploration

Royal Books, Inc. – Modern literature, crime fiction, science fiction, African-American literature, books on jazz and film

Robert H. Rubin Books – Economy, law, Americana, philosophy, social science

Rulon-Miller Books – Rare, fine and interesting books in many fields, first editions, Americana, literature, fine and early printing, travel, history of language

Sanctuary Books – General antiquarian stock, literature, William Faulkner, evolution of thought, manuscripts, early printed books, natural history

Ken Sanders Rare Books – Western and Native Americana, explorations and travels, Utah and Mormons, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, modern first editions, Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner, B. Traven

Savoy Books – Antiquarian books, pamphlets and manuscripts in all fields, specializing in horticulture and related arts, American books, American songsters

Howard Schickler – Russian Avant-Garde, Italian Futurism, photography, art reference, astronomy

Justin G. Schiller, Ltd. – Early children’s books, rare juvenile literature, related manuscripts, original artwork and bibliographies, Chinese propoganda and the Cultural Revolution, Maurice Sendak

E.K. Schreiber – Early printed books, incunabula, Humanism and Renaissance, early illustrated books, Continental books, classics and classical studies

David Schulson Autographs – Autographs, documents, manuscripts, photography, literature

Garrett Scott, Bookseller – Americana, literature, poetry, social sciences, cultural history

Second Life Books, Inc. – Literature and antiquarian books (English, American and Continental), books by and about women, Americana, Abolition and other social reform movements, natural history

Second Story Books – Rare, out-of-print books, graphics

Charles Seluzicki Fine & Rare Books – First editions, fine press, history of ideas, literary archives

Serendipity Books Inc. – Modern first editions, English and American literature, literary manuscripts and archives, screenplays

Bea and Peter Siegel – Pacific Northwest, Californiana, Western Americana, cookbooks, American Indians

Skyline Books – Modern literature, Beat Generation, photography, Avant-Garde art

Patterson Smith – Law, crime and criminal justice history, gambling

Ed Smith Books – Modern literature, first editions, photography, screenplays, signed books

Peter L. Stern & Co., Inc. – English and American literature, detective fiction, autographs, manuscripts, twentieth century, signed and inscribed books

Christophe Stickel Autographs – Signed and association books, autographed photos and letters, manuscripts

Gerard A.J. Stodolski, Inc. – Historic autograph letters, manuscripts and documents, literary, scientific, artists and musical, signed and inscribed books and photographs

Strand Book Store, Inc. – Fine scholarly, used, rare and collectible, first editions, art and photography, books about books, Americana

Stroud Booksellers – Theology, church history, the Reformation, early printed books, Pietism, Methodism, Puritan, Presbyterianism, agriculture, horticulture, railroads, West Virginia

Thomas Suarez Rare Maps – Fine early maps, atlases, travel

Sumner & Stillman – Nineteenth and early twentieth century literary first editions (Conrad, Dickens, Doyle, Hardy, James, Kipling, London, Stevenson, Trollope, Twain, Verne, Wells, Wilde, etc.)

Raymond M. Sutton, Jr., Co. – Natural history and horticulture books

Swann Auction Galleries – Autographs, manuscripts, photographs, works of art on paper, atlases and maps, prints and drawings

Tamerlane Books – Illustrated books, prints, ephemera, art books, travel, sporting books, historical and literary paintings and sculpture

Tavistock Books – General antiquarian with an emphasis on Wing books, English literature, Dickensiana, books about books, vietnam Conflict literature, Childrens serial fiction

Ten Pound Island Book Company – Maritime history, yachting, whaling, U.S. coastal history, New England, lighthouses, logs, navigation, charts, rare and unusual books of all kinds

Jeffrey Thomas Fine & Rare Books – Press books and fine printing, English and American literature, travels and exploration, Western and general Americana, rare books

Michael R. Thompson Booksellers – Literature, science and technology, philosophy, history of ideas, fine printing

Thorn Books – Early Britain, King Arthur, Western Americana, literature, children’s books, history, illustrated books, California, Americana, general antiquarian, early printed books

Time and Again Books – Literature, mystery, science fiction

The Title Wave Used Bookstore – 20,000 used books, records, CDs, DVDs, videos, magazines and cassettes at bargain prices

Michael J. Toth, Bookseller – Autographs, books into film, detective fiction, mysteries, first editions, Latin American literature

Town’s End Books – Collectible first editions by twentieth century authors of nature, natural history, historical fiction, nautical fiction and Americana, also emphasizes these series: Rivers of America, Lakeside Classics, American Guide

Triple J Books – Used and out-of-print books in these categories: Americana; history, military, science, technical, signed fiction, first editions, Modern Library, hobbies, crafts, art, architecture, photography, transportation (this is an eBay store)

Trophy Room Books – Travel and exploration (Africa, Arabia and Asia), big game hunting, Sir Richard Burton first editions, color-plate books, related ephemera

J. Tuttle Maritime Books – Maritime and naval history, voyages, whaling, yachting, shipbuilding and shipmodeling

Len Unger-Rare Books – First editions, modern literature, signed books, mystery and detective fiction, Western literature, books into film, musical theater

University Archives – History, Presidential, Civil War, Revolutionary War

Ursus Rare Books – Art books, illustrated books, art, architecture, natural history, decorative master prints and watercolors

Vagabond Books – Modern first editions of literature, mysteries, science fiction, modern art, photography, autographs, history, local history, Ray Bradbury

Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC – Artists’ books, book arts, press books (fine and private), miniature books

Graeme Vanderstoel – Asia: Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Asian art, theatre, music, Islamic art and religion, Central Asia, Australia, Pacific, Africa, jazz

The Veatchs Arts of the Book – History of the book, printing technique, illustrated books, bookbinding, papermaking, private presses, distinguished typography of all periods

Waverley Books – Literature, performing arts, mystery and detective fiction, science fiction and fantasy literature, Native American and Western fiction

Jeff Weber Rare Books – Bibliography, California, fore-edge painting, medicine, natural history, science and technology

Sam Weller’s Zion Bookstore – Western Americana, Utah and Mormon history, trans-Mississippi West, fur trade, U.S. Geological Survey material, literature

Wentworth & Leggett Rare Books – Medicine, science, bindings, illustrated books, Southern Americana, Civil War, children’s and juvenile, postcards, ephemera

Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers – Pacific Northwest history and literature, books about books, book arts, travel and exploration, art and photography

E. Wharton & Co. – Literature, feminism, women writers, literary first editions of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

Jett W. Whitehead Rare Books – Literature, modern poetry, broadsides, chapbooks, manuscripts and letters

Wilsey Rare Books – Fine bindings, color-plate books, fine printing and private press, illustrated books, calligraphy, typography, papermaking, book arts

Wolf’s Head Books, Inc. – Americana, genealogy, children’s books, regional and local history, military, American Civil War, signed fiction, autographs, Floridiana, World War I, chess, juvenile series, World War I aviation

Wonder Book – General antiquarian, literature, science fiction

Charles B. Wood III, Inc. – Architecture, landscape, decorative arts, conservation, book arts and printing history, trade catalogues, arts, crafts and trades, manuscripts

Woodburn Books – Gardening and horticulture, herbs and herbals, landscape, garden history, botany, natural history

Wurlitzer-Bruck – Music, books on music, prints and paintings of musical subjects, musical autographs, musical emphemera

Yankee Peddler Bookshop – Americana, first editions, illustrated booksl, military, aviation, children’s exploration and travel, New York State history, Roycroft, general used and antiquarian, prints, paintings, photographica, maps, ephemera

Roy Young Bookseller, Inc. – Antiquarian (general), architecture, art, book arts, literature, travel, typography

Irving Zucker Art Books, Inc. – Illustrated books, French modern illustrated books, natural history, art (applied and decorative), Art Deco and Nouveau, architecture, lives of artists

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